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ommerce.Chengdu, situated in southwestern Chinas Sichuan Province, holds beautiful natural scenery with lush hills, bamboo f

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orests and fresh air and a moderate climate. It has become famous as the home for pandas, where a number of nature parks and

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breeding centers have been opened up in the surrounding area to protect the cute and cuddly looking animal. The panda has e

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merged as a mascot for the Chinese people. The city is also well known for serving spicy hot pot meals, as well as other loc

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al cuisines that have become so popular that people from all over China visit the city just for eating. Special for food Spi

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cy food appears to be the specialty at most Chengdu eateries, so if you are reluctant to try spicy you might face some chall

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enges here. We recommend the must-try food in Chengdu: Fenzheng niurou (spiced steamed beef), hongyou chaoshou (Sichuan dump

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lings in chili oil), lazi ji (Chongqing-style dry fried chicken with chilies), dan dan mian (wheat noodles with pork, chili,

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garlic, and vinegar), shui zhu yu (fish slices boiled in hot chili oil), huigou rou (double-cooked pork belly) and gongbao

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jiding (diced chicken with peanuts and dried chilies). Fish slices boiled in hot chili oil Double-cooked pork belly Sichua

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n Opera But what about taking a vacation to Chengdu? Is there anything else special about the city besides food? Sichuan Ope

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ra is. Sichuan Opera, with a history of 300 years, features different singing styles from the eastern and northwestern parts

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of the country. Face changing, a magic art, is a highlight of Sichuan Opera. Performers are able to change more than 10 mas

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ks in about 20 seconds. Only by raising the hand, swinging a sleeve or tossing the head, the face changes. Face changing Ri

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Hello! Welcome to Ophiuchus! Ophiuchus is a premium mobile responsive HTML5 template designed and developed by Jenn Pereira for pereiradigitalmedia.com. It is a modern design, clean and easy to customize. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
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  • Welcome to Ophiuchus! Ophiuchus is a premium mobile responsive HTML5 template designed and developed by Jenn Pereira. It is a modern design, clean and easy to customize.
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